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As a result of two major incidents, two national learning arenas were organized by the NVBR in 2011, on behalf of the safety regions involved. The learning arena / learning table is used to reflect on one's own performance and to determine whether these are exemplary cases (thus occurring throughout the Netherlands). From this we make an inventory of learning effects, especially at the level of 2nd order learning.

This goal is achieved by exchanging personal experiences, impressions and professional knowledge on a number of themes arising from an effort in a meeting based on the factual analysis and presentations.

In this meeting, the operational officers directly involved in an incident and fire colleagues from the country participate. Possible learning assignments are examined from a broad context: what helped the fire service to combat the incident, what hindered the fire service and what did the fire service miss? This distinguishes the learning arena from research, evaluation and aftercare processes. The emphasis is on developing the own fire service discipline, which requires a peer review by experience experts. Not to pass judgment, but to learn from and with each other. During the learning arena, the personal knowledge, experiences and experiences of fire service professionals are central. These are not discussed during the learning arena and are not checked and / or verified.

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