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Why an RI&E?

A Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) provides insight into the most important risks within your organization in the field of safety, health and welfare. On the basis of a number of checklists, Beer Brandweer Training identifies and evaluates the possible risks and their seriousness. A Plan of Action with management and improvement measures is the second part of a good RI&E. An RI&E is mandatory by the government for almost every entrepreneur with personnel.

How is the RI&E carried out?

Specific rules apply depending on the size and nature of the processes in your organization. In some industries, smaller organizations are legally not required to have the RI&E tested. Although we advise all companies to provide an up-to-date and tested RI&E. Besides the fact that with the RI&E you have insight into your risks, the RI&E also prevents discussion with insurers if something unexpectedly goes wrong in your organization. Virtually all liability policies have exclusion if government regulations are not met. The lack of an RI&E can be seen as such a violation.

Prepare or update?

The first step that Beer Brandweer Training takes is to draw up an RI&E or update your existing RI&E. During the visit to your organization, on the basis of a number of (sector-specific) checklists, made an assessment of the possible risks in terms of working conditions. In the assessment, a distinction is made between risks associated with the company policy pursued and the risks arising from the design of the workspaces.

Basic report and plan of action

You will receive a basic RI&E report containing a Plan of Approach (PoA). It describes an estimate of the seriousness of the risks and the possible control measures to be taken. You fill in the PoA yourself, but Beer Brandweer Training will of course support you in this. With the RI&E and the PoA you have an overview of the points for improvement and the measures to be taken. Linked to this, you will gain insight into the priority of any actions to be taken.

How to proceed

As soon as the basic RI&E report and the Plan of Approach have been drawn up, you pay a fixed amount per year to keep the RI&E up to date. Beer Brandweer Training visits you annually to go through the RI&E and the PoA and update it where necessary.


Update is necessary once every 4 years because things change within your organization and in regulations. We draw your attention to follow-up appointments and steps, so that you can focus on doing business. With the RI&E subscription from Beer Brandweer Training you always have an up-to-date, tested RI&E at a competitive rate.
The advantages at a glance:

  • always an up-to-date, tested RI&E
  • insight into the risks of the working conditions in your company
  • clarity in costs, distribution of costs
  • an annual meeting

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