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There can be all kinds of reasons why you want the company emergency organization you set up to be assessed by an expert advisor. Perhaps there are developments in your organization or something has changed in legislation and regulations. Or the environment changes, so that the people in your organization run different security risks. With an emergency response scan you will receive advice about the current safety situation of your organization. Are the emergency response measures taken by you effective?

An emergency response scan, how does that work?

You can see the emergency response scan as tailor-made advice about your company emergency organization. We make a tour of the organization and talk extensively with you about how things are arranged in your organization with regard to company safety and emergency response.

The following aspects are discussed:

- BHV policy in your organization
- Specific security risks, including environmental risks
- Support within your organization
- Number of emergency response officers and their level of knowledge
- Evacuation plan and drills
- Safety provisions and processes, including fire safety
- Safety and escape route markings
- Emergency response resources

We base ourselves on the NEN8112 standard for company emergency organization. This standard is based on risk thinking and is based on BIO control measures (architectural, technical installation and organizational). Organizing customization in your company emergency organization is the starting point.

The advantages of an emergency response scan

- Insight into your current security situation
- Your EROs are prepared for the risks to which the organization may be exposed
- You will gain insight into whether or not the company emergency organization complies with the laws and regulations
- You will receive advice on the measures to be taken and points for improvement
- You will receive a written elaboration of our findings, including an extensive photo report

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