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Driver training

A fire brigade driver must have good traffic insight and good driving style under all circumstances. This can only be created by regularly following training to maintain and possibly improve the driving style and insight.

Beer Brandweer Training can offer additional training for this. The in-service training does NOT meet the requirements of the CBR in-service training for professional drivers (Code 95).

After this, the refresher course must enter a certification process.
Beer Brandweer Training can arrange this for you at a recognized traffic school.

The training consists of 3 parts:

A. Theory session
This theory session is dedicated to traffic rules, legislation and industry guidelines. This session is for both drivers of a light and a heavy vehicle. Furthermore, the session focuses on risk-aware driving / drafting according to incident management (IM) guidelines.

The theory sessions can be given in groups of 12 to 15 participants. The sessions can be given both during the day and in the evening.

B. Driving in the service area
While driving in the service area, the participant is given advice on how (if necessary) the driving style can be improved and adjusted. Attention is also paid to the correct driving techniques.

2 participants per session drive under the guidance of an instructor.

C. Vehicle control on a training track
This training will be outsourced to a recognized traffic school. The training starts with a brief instruction about the handling of a tanker sprayer and how to prevent slip. Subsequently, training takes place on a training course to get the vehicles under control in various situations. Special attention is paid to braking and deflecting on slippery roads, braking on wet and rough roads and finally driving on a roundabout with speed and unfavorable loads.

2 or 3 participants can train per vehicle.

The three components can be followed in any order. The only condition is that the theory session precedes driving in the catchment area. There may be a maximum of 3 months in between.

All trainings are provided by qualified instructors.

Expansion vehicle control off-road driving
The above-mentioned additional training can also be expanded with a off-road driving course. This course will also be outsourced.

Entry requirements
The participant is a licensed firefighter with a B and C driving license and is supposed to be familiar with the teaching and learning material of the firefighter driver module.

If desired, the organization of the training courses can be taken over by Beer Brandweer Training.
Beer Brandweer Training expects the men, drivers and commanders to be medically approved that they are physically suitable for the use of breathing apparatus.

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