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Table top exercise

Evacuation practice with Lego and icons

Practicing an evacuation is important, especially in institutions where less self-reliant people reside. In emergency situations, staff need to know what to do. But practicing in practice is not easy. Sometimes there are many part-timers who work alternating shifts. For these reasons, the choice is made for so-called table top exercises.

n evacuation is acted out on a map of an institution or department.
With Lego and pictograms, the positions of staff members and the (fire prevention) facilities are marked on a map.
Emergency exits, telephones and fire extinguishers are also marked.
Employees are then presented with an incident scenario and asked how they would act in the presented situation.


Such a table top exercise is clear and exercises can easily be interrupted and restarted from a certain point. Moreover, exercises can easily be integrated into the normal work process.

Beer Brandweer Training can organize and guide these table top exercises for you. If desired, with the floor plans of your institution or company.

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