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Evacuation exercise

Company emergency response evacuation drill

It is important to practice regularly with the implementation of your evacuation or company emergency plan. We recommend that you organize an annual evacuation drill so that your company emergency responders keep their knowledge up to date. It can be vital that they can act quickly and appropriately, and this can only be done with regular practice. Your company emergency responders learn to properly supervise an evacuation and we support them in this. The more experienced your company emergency responders are, the more complex the exercise becomes and the company emergency responders work more independently. The emergency response evacuation drill is a dress rehearsal of an accident or calamity in your company.

What does the emergency response evacuation drill entail?

You should regularly conduct an evacuation drill to check whether your evacuation plan is (still) functioning properly. Beer Brandweer Training guides and trains your emergency response team members and organizes evacuation drills within your company so that:

  • Employees know how to get out of the building quickly and safely
  • Emergency response officers can efficiently and accurately supervise an evacuation

In-house emergency services evacuation drill in practice

The evacuation drill takes place directly in practice. The following evacuation drills can be performed by Beer Brandweer Training for you:

  • Evacuation training
  • Announced evacuation drill
  • Unannounced evacuation drill

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