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Emergency response plan

What is an Emergency Response Plan?

BHV stands for emergency response and every employer in the Netherlands is required to have an emergency response organization. EROs know how to act in the event of an emergency such as fire, accident or an evacuation. The employer must record in writing what the emergency response organization is like and what measures have been taken to minimize the risks present. Put this on paper and you have an emergency response plan!

Contents emergency response Plan

- Has the number of emergency responders been determined?
- Is there training and education?
- Are the emergency response officers available and accessible at all times?
- Are the risks known?
- Does it link up with external assistance?

All matters relating to the Emergency response organization can be described in the emergency response Plan. The emergency response Plan describes all tasks and responsibilities and the procedures that must be followed in the event of an incident. The emergency response Plan is used to demonstrate that the Emergency response organization is organized according to legal obligations. You can describe the following things in the emergency response Plan:

– Emergency response organization
– Emergency response training
– Emergency response materials
– The basic information of the company
– The working conditions
– Procedures for personnel
– Procedures for EROs
– Company instruction cards and maps
– Practicing the emergency response team

Hazardous Substances

If there are hazardous substances in the company, the following information must be included in the emergency response Plan:

– The way in which the substances are stored
– The procedures when incidents occur with the hazardous substances
– The employees who have specific knowledge about the hazardous substances
– The safety data sheets
– Additional emergency response training for dealing with hazardous substances
– Practicing an incident involving hazardous materials

The emergency response Plan in a central location

When an incident occurs, it is important that the Emergency Response Plan can be found quickly and easily. Therefore, place it at a central point, for example at the reception. Once the Emergency Response Plan has been drawn up, we recommend that you print it out and keep it in a folder. It is also important that multiple copies are present.

Why have your emergency response Plan drawn up by Beer Brandweer Training?

- Implementation of the emergency response Plan with the greatest possible care
- Relieve your obligations as an employer
- In-depth knowledge of your organization and an understanding of a company visit
- Providing materials and training in accordance with the plan
- Presentation of the emergency response Plan to the organization if desired

What are the costs of drawing up an emergency response plan?

The price for drawing up the Emergency Response Plan within your organization depends on a number of factors:

- The industry in which your organization operates
- Whether they work with hazardous substances
- How many employees you employ
- The number of locations

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