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Radio exercise

Being able to communicate well with a walkie-talkie in emergency situations can be of vital importance.
Under pressure of circumstances, it is important to keep a cool head and still be able to communicate clearly and effectively in the event of incidents and accidents.

By means of various cases you will learn to communicate effectively with your fellow company emergency responders.

The radio training program includes:

Explanation of the basic principles of the radio: sending, receiving and feedback.
Apply these principles in the perception, judgment and decision-making process of an incident

  • Correctly reporting an incident
  • Receiving external assistance in the right way and place
  • Transferring the correct information to the external emergency services about the incident
  • Correctly using the means of communication when reporting an incident

Length of time

  • About 3 hours

Number of participants

  • At least 4
  • Up to 12

For whom

  • First aiders
  • Company counselors
  • Receptionists

Location (s)

  • Your own location is preferred because then you can practice as realistically as possible. However, it is also possible to follow the training at a different location.


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